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  1. simple past tense and past participle of suicide


suicided (not comparable)

  1. Having killed oneself or self-destructed.
    • 1946, Richard Pertway Dobson, China Cycle, page 150:
      We were living in a suicided city, among people hunted and weary and on the edge of despair, so that for once we could not look to the Chinese for help or draw from them resources ...
    • 1997, E. Betsy Ross, Life After Suicide: A Ray of Hope for Those Left Behind, →ISBN, page 187:
      Children of a suicided parent also show a higher rate of behavioral, emotional, and self-destructive disturbance even into adulthood than those who have lost a parent through other forms of death, according to a review of suicide survivorship literature by Ness and Pfeffer (1990).
    • 2015, Brett Ashley Kaplan, Jewish Anxiety and the Novels of Philip Roth, →ISBN, page 74:
      After Drenka dies quite suddenly of cancer, Sabbath begins to spin: going to New York for the funeral of a suicided friend, he takes up residence with his old chum Norman and his wife, Michelle, only to abuse their adult daughter's underwear and photo and to steal illicit images of Michelle along with huge wads of cash.