sunset prayer

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sunset prayer (plural sunset prayers)

  1. maghrib
    • 2009, John Herlihy, Wisdom's Journey: Living the Spirit of Islam in the Modern World
      Somehow, I needed to develop a reasonable amount of skill and accuracy before gathering the courage to join the circle of worshippers after the dawn or sunset prayer
    • 2007, Yousef Al-Mohaimeed, Wolves of the Crescent Moon, link
      I was intending to take it back before the sunset prayer call, before the shops closed, but as I was passing the taxi rank I noticed you playing with your mustache and I felt something inside, something electric, and after I had gone a few steps []
    • 2011, Alex Jeffers, The Abode of Bliss: Ten Stories for Adam, Page 71
      Though we ignored the call to sunset prayer, when we went to dinner in the Hilton's Chinese restaurant we kept our left hands scrupulously in our laps and were inept with the chopsticks in our right