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super- +‎ bold


superbold (comparative more superbold, superlative most superbold)

  1. Very bold (in various senses).
    • 2002, John Farman, The Short and Bloody History of Highwaymen (page 31)
      There was one superbold villain called Whitney, the self-proclaimed "King of the Highwaymen."
    • 2007, Spike Gillespie, Quilty as Charged: Undercover in a Material World
      The fabric I purchased — superbold flannels, bright patterned in tie-dyed-looking oranges and greens, teals and blues — still makes me incredibly happy to admire and run between my fingers.
    • 2007, "Jan Engelhardt", [PATCH 1/2] Colored kernel output (run3) (on Internet newsgroup fa.linux.kernel)
      But 0x80 might be interpreted in a different fashion for some othercon, yielding for example superbold rather than blinking. I'll have to try this, because usually, setterm operates on TTYs rather than VCs.