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super- +‎ brain


superbrain (plural superbrains)

  1. An exceptionally intelligent person; a genius.
    • 1945, Eugene Jackson Benge, Manpower in marketing:
      It does not take a superbrain to enumerate specifically the duties expected of a new man []
    • 1983, Steve Odell, More puzzles for superbrains:
  2. An exceptionally powerful brain or artificial intelligence.
    • 1965, Daniel Stephen Halacy, Cyborg: evolution of the superman:
      This first superbrain died after four years, suffering understandably from mental derangement brought on by its brain weight []
    • 2000, “Utopia”, in Felt Mountain, performed by Goldfrapp:
      I'm wired to the world / That's how I know everything / I'm superbrain / That's how they made me
    • 2003, Anthony J Sanford, Philip Nicholas Johnson-Laird, The nature and limits of human understanding:
      There are good biological reasons why we have not become just superbrain, rational calculators, even were this biologically possible.