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Alternative forms[edit]


supercarburetted (not comparable)

  1. (chemistry, obsolete) bicarbureted
    • 1819, Philosophical Magazine, volume 54, page 98:
      The proportion in oxalic acid will be conformable to the first of these relations, or half that in supercarburetted hydrogen.
    • 1870 June 24, The Engineer[1], page 400:
      A larger oxyhydrogen burner which consumes 32 litres of oxygen, and 60 litres of supercarburetted hydrogen, gives more than double the light of an ordinary 140 litre butterfly burner, and costs no more.
    • 1907, Thomasina Ross, Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Years 1799-1804[2], volume 2:
      Some experiments made at Mexico, conjointly with Señor del Rio, led me to think that the rocks of Atures, which blacken the paper in which they are wrapped, contain, besides oxide of manganese, carbon, and supercarburetted iron.