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super- +‎ club


superclub (plural superclubs)

  1. A very large or high-profile nightclub
    • 2000, Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton, Last night a DJ saved my life
      At his worst, a DJ in a superclub is just working to build a brand.
    • 2004, David Bell, Mark Jayne, City of quarters: urban villages in the contemporary city
      ...the Head of Communications at Cream claimed their resource-strong status as a superclub which took control of their DJ artists...
    • 2006, Ethan Wolff, Karen Quarles, Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Manhattan
      New to the scene is Crobar, a superclub with the space to hold just about every subculture in the New York pantheon. The music is as varied as the patrons...

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