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super- +‎ friend


superfriend (plural superfriends)

  1. (informal) A friend with remarkable abilities or superpowers.
    • 1995, Stephen Kline, Out of the garden
      The cumulative message of the series is that these superfriends somehow combine the forces of nature, the machine and the mind of man...
    • 2003, Laurie Delgatto, She Said... He Said...
      They want a superfriend who is able to cure a blue day or a confrontation with someone faster than a speeding bullet.
    • 2007 January 15, Virginia Heffernan, “He-Men Strut Stuff to Romance New York”, in New York Times[1]:
      Instead the population of the VH1 shows comes from — or agrees to meet in — a kind of sci-fi universe of superfriends a long way from the American middle class.