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super- +‎ starlet


  • Hyphenation: su‧per‧star‧let


superstarlet (plural superstarlets)

  1. A very successful starlet.
    • 1997 June 1, “Features”, in vibe[1], volume 5, number 5, page 19:
      Sexy superstarlet Toni Braxton lets Michael A. Gonzales behind her bedroom door.
    • 2015 October 6, Editors of Entertainment Weekly, “It’s Been Real Award-Show MOMENTS”, in The Must List: Ranking the Best in 25 Years of Pop Culture, Liberty Street:
      Ascendant young superstarlet crowns a big year.
    • 1996 January 8, “New York Magazine”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), volume 29, number 1, page 3:
      Warhol superstarlet Nico gets her posthumous documentary
    • 1993, Opera, volume 44, page 923:
      The 26-year-old recording superstarlet has been showered with oceans of hype.
    • 1997 January 1, Alan R. Pratt, The Critical Response to Andy Warhol, Greenwood Press, page 11:
      …transformed into a chalky-white "Gene" Harlow, delicately chomped a banana next to a real blond superstarlet, Carol Koshinskie, while a superloud record of "Swan Lake" blasted away in the background.
    • 1998, Jonathan Vankin, John Whalen, The Seventy Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: History's Biggest Mysteries, Coverups, and Cabals, Carol Publishing Group, page 223:
      Hoover had bugged JFK's legion love nests and tapped the princess phones of assorted Kennedy playmates, including mob moll Judith Campbell Exner and superstarlet Marilyn Monroe…