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Alternative forms[edit]


From suppleō (fill up; complete; supply) +‎ -mentum.



supplēmentum n (genitive supplēmentī); second declension

  1. something that fills up or makes up the numbers; supplement
    1. (military) reinforcements
      • 27 BCE – 25 BCE, Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita libri 26.1:
        Si supplemento opus esset, suppleret de legionibus quibus P. Cornelius pro praetore in Sicilia praeesset, []
        If reinforcements were needed, he should supply them with the legions which Publius Cornelius, propraetor, was in charge of in Sicily, []
    2. supplies


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative supplēmentum supplēmenta
Genitive supplēmentī supplēmentōrum
Dative supplēmentō supplēmentīs
Accusative supplēmentum supplēmenta
Ablative supplēmentō supplēmentīs
Vocative supplēmentum supplēmenta

Related terms[edit]



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    • to levy recruits to fill up the strength: supplementum cogere, scribere, legere