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sur- +‎ bed


surbed (third-person singular simple present surbeds, present participle surbedding, simple past and past participle surbedded)

  1. (transitive) To set (a stone) edgewise, in a position different from that which it had in the quarry.
    • 1728, John Houghton, A collection for the improvement of husbandry and trade (page 291)
      Do they dip or lye in piano horizontis? Whether better surbedded, in work, or laid as they grew in the bed?
    • 1836, Gilbert White, The natural history of Selborne (page 9)
      It is a freestone, cutting in all directions; yet has something of a grain parallel with the horizon, and therefore should not be surbedded.
    • 1997, Derek Lovejoy Partnership, Spon's landscape handbook (page 165)
      400mm wide X 200mm thick, bedded and jointed in 1:3:12 white cement:lime:sand mortar, all stones to be free of quarry sap and not laid surbedded.