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  1. present participle of surmount


surmounting (plural surmountings)

  1. The act by which something is surmounted, or overcome.
    • 1963, United States. Congress, Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates
      How can we appraise and preserve the glories won in our yesterdays without a knowledge of the tragedies and travails, the strivings and their surmountings, the compelling aspirations and their slow, patient accomplishment []
  2. A decorative feature that sits on top of something.
    • 1866, In Memoriam: General Lewis Cass, page 214:
      The sides of the casket were covered with heavy black broadcloth, with velvet caps, presenting a deep contrast to the rich surmountings.
    • 1869, Wilhelm Lübke, History of Art (volume 1, page 411)
      This and the round gable ends, with their subsequent Gothic surmountings, the five lofty domes, the rich ornament of gold and colour which covers every part, give an effect to the whole building []
    • 1879, the sanitary record a journal of public health, page 366:
      A manifest improvement upon the above form of this kind of ventilator was brought out by Mr. Boyle in 1878. It is intended to be used as a surmounting to the tops of outlet tubes or upcast shafts.