swamp white oak

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Quercus bicolor


swamp white oak (plural swamp white oaks)

  1. The tree Quercus bicolor.
    • 1990, Robert Rogers, Quercus bicolor Willd: Swamp White Oak, Russell M. Burns, Barbara H. Honkala, Silvics of North America, Volume 2: Hardwoods, Agriculure Handbook 654, US Department of Agriculture, page 616,
      Because the seed of swamp white oak is not dormant, it germinates soon after falling.
    • 2002, Charles Fergus, Trees of Pennsylvania and the Northeast, page 123,
      Recendy I found several swamp white oaks growing at Ruth Zimmerman Natural Area, Berks County, in southeastern Pennsylvania.
    • 2010, Sally S. Weeks, Harmon P. Weeks, Jr., George R. Parker, Native Trees of the Midwest, 2nd Edition, page 182,
      Swamp white oak is commonly mistaken for bur oak because of similarities in their habitat and mature bark.
    • 2011, Leslie Day, Field Guide to the Street Trees of New York City, page 210,
      A long-lived tree, swamp white oaks can last 350 years.