swinging-door chad

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swinging-door chad (plural swinging-door chads)

  1. chad with two corners detached
    • 2000 November 13, David Usborne, “The state of the Union rests on the state of Chad”, in The Independent[1]:
      In brief: a "pregnant" or "dimpled chad" was one bearing an indentation left by the voter but which had not become detached at any of its corners. Those would not be counted as votes. Other chads with one corner, two corners or three corners detached - "hanging door", "swinging door" and "tri-corner" chads respectively - would be counted.
    • 2001, K Holland, Design issues: how graphic design informs society, [2]
      My discovery of the chad in all its permutations — the dimpled chad, the hanging chad, the penciled chad, the pregnant chad, the swinging-door chad, the tri-chad, the incomplete detached chad, the trapdoor chad, the nondetached chad - opened up a whole new world.