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From Old Swedish sylta, "to preserve; to salt", from Low German sülten, "boil in brine; preserve" and related to salt. The origin comes from the widespread use of salt as a preservative in pre-modern times.



sylta c

  1. head cheese (American English), brawn (British English)
    Sylta anses ofta som en traditionell svensk julrätt.
    Head cheese is often considered a traditional Swedish Christmas dish.
  2. (colloquial) a simple or lowly place where food is served; a joint
    Vi åt lunch på en billig sylta vid stationen.
    We had lunch at a cheap joint by the station.


Declension of sylta 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative sylta syltan syltor syltorna
Genitive syltas syltans syltors syltornas

Related terms[edit]


sylta (present syltar, preterite syltade, supine syltat, imperative sylta)

  1. to preserve fruit or vegetables by boiling in sugar.
    Varje år syltar vi frukt på gården.
    We preserve fruit every year on the farm.
  2. to be mixed up in something disreputable (as in sylta in sig or bli insyltad).
    De blev insyltade i skumma affärer.
    They got mixed up in shady business.


Related terms[edit]