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From New Latin, from Ancient Greek σύντηξις (súntēxis, a melting)


syntexis (uncountable)

  1. (geology) A change in the structure of magma by melting or the assimilation of a different type of rock.
    • 1857, in the Geological Magazine, volume 85, page 355:
      [...] is immaterial whether this magma is derived from a distinct earth shell, or is produced by syntexis between the sima and the sialic rocks.
  2. (medicine) emaciation or wasting away
    • 1885, Dujardin-Beaumetz, Indications for Antithermic Medication, in the New York Medical Abstract, volume 5, page 443:
      The patient feels no longer the irritating surface heat which so fatigues him; the syntexis or colliquation is less; he sleeps better, and this antithermic medication does well with forced feeding, [...]

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