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Alternative forms[edit]


Originally a Quebec eye-dialect spelling of tabernacle.


  • (Quebec) IPA(key): /ta.baʁ.nak/
  • (file)



  1. (Quebec, vulgar, slang) An expletive and intensifier for all purposes.
    • 2009, Robert Maltais, Le Curé du Mile End, in French), page 195, in French), :
      Non, non, c'est juste une joke. Garde-lé, ton vingt piastres. C't'une tabarnak de gang de fous: j'ai les poches pleines. M'a te dire rien qu'une affaire: tu l'as en tabarnak ! Non, non, c'est vrai. T'es correct, toé.
      No, no, I was just joking. Keep it, your twenty bucks. They're all a fuckin' bunch of idiots: my pockets are full. Lemme tell ya something: you fuckin' have it! No, no, it's true: you're quite good, you.

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