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From Afrikaans tekkie (athletic shoe).



takkie (plural takkies)

  1. (South Africa, chiefly in the plural) An athletic shoe, a trainer, a sneaker.
    • 1948, Tom Macdonald, Jan Hofmeyr: heir to Smuts,[1] Hurst & Blackett, page 119:
      One day in comes Jannie Hofmeyr to my shop, and he's wanting a pair of takkies to play tennis you know, and William, my son, he goes and serves him.
    • 1986, Peter Abbott and Philip Botham, Modern African Wars (1): Rhodesia 1965–80, Osprey Publishing, →ISBN, page 43:
      Net face veils often replaced the orthodox headgear, and ‘takkies’ (canvas boots) or ‘fellies’ (veldshoen[sic]) the regulation combat boots.
    • 2001, Gail Evans, Time Trials, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 11:
      [] she kept getting her foot stuck in it until her right takkie was squishing on the kitchen floor.
    • 2006, Byron Loker, New Swell, iBhuku.com, →ISBN, page 35:
      [] stood on it with one takkie that had no shoelace.