tangata tiriti

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A modern Maori language term used by treaty of Waitangi revisionists which is taken to mean 'people of the treaty' and refers to all non Maori citizens of New Zealand . The term first started appearing in academia in the latter half of the 20th century although it is unclear as to who first coined it. The term only gained some broader exposure when it was presented to mainstream new Zealand in 2006 in a human rights commission document published by Auckland Workers Educational Association, Tangata Tiriti - Treaty People (2006). The document is controversial and makes some modern claims about treaty matters that are hotly debated by treaty scholars and experts. The term is not in common use in New Zealand and is largely unknown amongst the general public

Despite the modern invention, controversy and its relative obscurity to the New Zealand public, the concept is taught to all new immigrants as part of integration education.(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)


tangata tiriti

  1. "People of the Treaty", or New Zealanders of non-Maori origin.
  2. Originally, Europeans who have a right to live New Zealand under the Treaty of Waitangi but now including peoples of other ethnic origins who live in New Zealand.

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