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Alternative forms[edit]


tangency (countable and uncountable, plural tangencies)

  1. The state of being tangent; an instance of (something) being tangent.
    • 1999, H. Flenner, L. O′Carroll, W. Vogel, Joins and Intersections, page 131,
      In this section we will apply the concept of connectedness in dimension d to study tangencies of algebraic varieties.
    • 2004, David A. Madsen et al., Engineering Drawing & Design, 3rd Edition, page 160,
      To be tangent to a circle or arc, a line must touch the circle or arc at only one point, and a line drawn from the center of the circle or arc must be perpendicular to the tangent line at the point of tangency. (See Figure 6.82.)
    • 2011, Steven E. Landsburg, Price Theory and Applications, 8th Edition, page 83,
      If the original tangency is at A, then the new tangency cannot be at O or P, as either possibility would require two indifference curves to cross. [] Instead, the new tangency is at a point like B.

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