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tardis (plural tardises)

  1. Alternative form of Tardis
    • 1995, Liz Stanley, The Auto/Biographical I: The Theory and Practice of Feminist Auto-Biography, page 54:
      The photograph 'the romance of the auto/biographer's desk' is a tardis; when I enter the photograph I can move through time, move through a variety of times indeed.
    • 1999, in The Organic Way, issues 157–174, page 53:
      This small paperback book is a veritable tardis of tips on how to preserve the harvest glut. It covers 51 types of fruit and vegetables, including herbs.
    • 2009, Dominic Varadi, The Credit Crunch Conspiracy, page 214:
      10 Downing Street is a tardis of a property. Behind its famous black door lies a maze of corridors, offices and reception rooms. In one such room, decorated with oak panelling and oil paintings []




  1. second-person singular present subjunctive form of tardar




  1. dative masculine plural of tardus
  2. dative feminine plural of tardus
  3. dative neuter plural of tardus
  4. ablative masculine plural of tardus
  5. ablative feminine plural of tardus
  6. ablative neuter plural of tardus