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tarve (need) +‎ harkinta (consideration)



  1. means-testing (process of evaluating whether an individual qualifies for financial assistance, usually in the form of a social security benefit); see also means test, which may provide easier ways to translate tarveharkinta into English
    Rehtorinvirasto on ollut yhteydessä muihin tohtorikouluihin oikeudenmukaisten tarveharkintakriteerien kehittämiseksi.
    The dean's office has been consulting with other graduate schools over the development of a fair means test.
    tehdä ~ : to means-test, to subject to a means test


Inflection of tarveharkinta (Kotus type 9/kala, nt-nn gradation)
nominative tarveharkinta tarveharkinnat
genitive tarveharkinnan tarveharkintojen
partitive tarveharkintaa tarveharkintoja
illative tarveharkintaan tarveharkintoihin
singular plural
nominative tarveharkinta tarveharkinnat
accusative nom. tarveharkinta tarveharkinnat
gen. tarveharkinnan
genitive tarveharkinnan tarveharkintojen
partitive tarveharkintaa tarveharkintoja
inessive tarveharkinnassa tarveharkinnoissa
elative tarveharkinnasta tarveharkinnoista
illative tarveharkintaan tarveharkintoihin
adessive tarveharkinnalla tarveharkinnoilla
ablative tarveharkinnalta tarveharkinnoilta
allative tarveharkinnalle tarveharkinnoille
essive tarveharkintana tarveharkintoina
translative tarveharkinnaksi tarveharkinnoiksi
instructive tarveharkinnoin
abessive tarveharkinnatta tarveharkinnoitta
comitative tarveharkintoineen
Possessive forms of tarveharkinta (type kala)
possessor singular plural
1st person tarveharkintani tarveharkintamme
2nd person tarveharkintasi tarveharkintanne
3rd person tarveharkintansa

Derived terms[edit]