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Origin unknown. The noun appears earlier than the verb. Attested since the mid nineteenth century.



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tatting (plural tattings)

  1. A form of looped and knotted lace needlework made from a single thread.
    • 1888, Mrs. C. E. Barron, “Report of Committees. Class No. 196—Tatting Work”, in Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Iowa State Agricultural Society, page 234:
      Best and largest collection of tatting work, not less than seven different articles, five dollars; best tatting collar, two dollars; [] best three tatting doylies, two dollars, Mrs. J. M. Junkin, Fairfield.
  2. The art of making such lace.
    • 1915, “Tatting and crocheting”, in Dry Goods Reporter, page 49:
      While crocheting is the most popular feature in art needle work, tatting has now entered the field with such vigor that crocheting does not monopolize the situation.



  1. present participle of tat

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