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techno- (technical”, “technicians) +‎ -cracy (rule by), attributed to W.H. Smyth.[1]



technocracy (countable and uncountable, plural technocracies)

  1. A system of governance where people who are skilled or proficient govern in their respective areas of expertise.
    • 1919, William Henry Smyth, Technocracy, first, second and third series, published 1921, page 20:
      When scientific imagination and knowledge of Nature's Laws are substituted in our economics for chance, mystery, and magic; when the regulation of our Nation-wide industry is taken out of the hands of quibbling “lawyers”, and nature's forces, resources, and the mechanical instrumentalities for their transformation into human necessaries and desirables are no longer the play-things of money-juggling gamblers, and the products of Nature and Mechanic Arts no longer glut the instinctive craving of Acquisitive Cunning; when this economic childish irrationality is sanely substituted by organized Science, Technology, and specialized Skill co-ordinated in National Industrial Management, then will begin real civilization, the Age of Social Sanity, — Technocracy.

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  1. ^ William Henry Smyth, “‘Technocracy’—Ways and Means to Gain Industrial Democracy”, in Technocracy, first, second and third series[1] (in English), 1919, published 1921