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tectono- +‎ physicist


tectonophysicist (plural tectonophysicists)

  1. One who studies tectonophysics.
    • 1963 January 1, The Journal of Geology, volume 71, number 1:
      English-speaking earth scientists now have an opportunity to consider the theories, concepts and conclusions of Russia's foremost tectonophysicist.
    • 1989, Byron D. Tapley, Strategy for Earth Explorers in Global Earth Sciences[1], page 26:
      Tectonophysicists capitalized on this information to study the mechanical properties of the lithosphere, the thermal structure of plates, the dynamics of midocean ridges, and the scales and patterns of mantle convection.
    • 2015, W. Manspeizer, Triassic-Jurassic Rifting: Continental Breakup and the Origin of the Atlantic Ocean and Passive Margins[2]:
      An understanding of the type of organic matter and its thermal maturation history is important to both the petroleum geologist searching for hydrocarbons and the tectonophysicist who is attempting to describe the development of a sedimentary basin.