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From teeth +‎ -ly. Compare toothly.


teethly (comparative more teethly, superlative most teethly)

  1. (very rare, nonstandard) Of or pertaining to teeth; dental; full of teeth.
    • 1892, Pamphlets on Biology: Kofoid collection: Volume 2231:
      [...] I altered generally to dirty grayish white or on thick layer of medium showed more or less rosy coloration, without wrinkles, granular developement and teethly growth on either side of the streak; [...]
    • 1998, Laurent Chrzanovski, D. V. Zhuravlev, Lamps from Chersonesos in the State Historical Museum, Moscow:
      The fish, which [sic] scales, fins and tail are very carefully rendered, opens deeply his teethly mouth.
    • 2005, Joseph A. McCaffrey, The Pony Circus Wagon:
      His large mouth sloshed around, trying to get teethly purchase into the grease-filled slab as two pieces of fried onion with a dab of ketchup hit his shirt and cascaded downwards, landing around his pants' zipper.