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tele- +‎ cipher


telecipher (plural teleciphers)

  1. (rare) A cipher machine that works in conjunction with a teletypewriter.
    • 1983, James Bamford, The puzzle palace: a report on America's most secret agency
      The reason was a cipher machine known as the telecipher.
    • 1993, Lauren S. Bahr, Bernard Johnston (M.A.), Collier's encyclopedia: with bibliography and index: Volume 7
      In addition to the Enigma ciphers, a number of other telecipher machines were used for high-level communication.
    • 2007, Karl de Leeuw, J. A. Bergstra, The history of information security: a comprehensive handbook (page 14)
      Initially, the attention was focused on the development of a telecipher machine in collaboration with Gretener.