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tele- +‎ point. A marketing coinage.


telepoint (plural telepoints)

  1. A base station to which users of early mobile phones could connect in order to place (but not receive) calls.
    • 1989, New Scientist (volume 124, number 1689, 4 November 1989, page 38)
      When it started in September, Phonepoint had 174 telepoints or public base stations [] Ferranti has a more intensive network, with 300 telepoints concentrated around London []
    • 1991, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Sixth International Conference on Mobile Radio and Personal Communications
      BT has also been prevented from holding a majority share of a telepoint operator.
    • 1995, Scott D. Elliott, Daniel J. Dailey, Wireless communications for intelligent transportation systems
      These telepoints can be thought of as cordless phone base units that work with all cordless receivers in operation. Some telepoints register the presence of a customer when the person comes within range — say at a train station.