tell me about it

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tell me about it

  1. Used to express agreement and sympathy with the previous speaker’s statement.
    • 1996, J. D. Robb, Immortal in Death, page 183:
      "I guess it's a lot of work for a cop to juggle personal relationships." / "Tell me about it."
    • 2007, Daniel Silva, The Secret Servant, page 364:
      "Go sit with him. I think he's a little depressed. It's not easy to grow old." / "Tell me about it."
    • 2008, Sara Rosett, Staying Home Is a Killer, page 90:
      "We're on the Air Force family planning routine. Mitch's been out of town so much we haven't even had a chance to try and get pregnant." / "Tell me about it."


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