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telo- +‎ genetic, thus "caused at the end".

  • Coined in the geological sense by Choquette & Lloyd (1970), "Geologic Nomenclature and Classification of Porosity in Sedimentary Carbonates"[1], AAPG Bulletin 54.


telogenetic (not comparable)

  1. (geology) Related to or arising during telogenesis, the process of erosion and oxidation that occurs when sedimentary rocks are subject to uplift.
    telogenetic porosity
  2. (medicine, anatomy) Related to or arising during telogenesis, the final growth state of a hair or feather follicle.
    telogenetic effluvium
    • 2006, Horst Erich König et al., Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Animals[2], 3rd ed. edition, ↑ISBN, page 617:
      Hair follicles in the telogenetic stage have small dermal papillae, which are separated from the bulb and are no longer covered by matrix cells.

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