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terzi m

  1. plural of terzo
  2. others (other people)



From Persian درزی(darzi).



terzi (definite accusative terziyi, plural terziler)

  1. tailor


Nominative terzi
Definite accusative terziyi
Singular Plural
Nominative terzi terziler
Definite accusative terziyi terzileri
Dative terziye terzilere
Locative terzide terzilerde
Ablative terziden terzilerden
Genitive terzinin terzilerin
Possessive forms
Nominative Singular Plural
1st singular terzim terzilerim
2nd singular terzin terzilerin
3rd singular terzisi terzileri
1st plural terzimiz terzilerimiz
2nd plural terziniz terzileriniz
3rd plural terzileri terzileri
Definite accusative Singular Plural
1st singular terzimi terzilerimi
2nd singular terzini terzilerini
3rd singular terzisini terzilerini
1st plural terzimizi terzilerimizi
2nd plural terzinizi terzilerinizi
3rd plural terzilerini terzilerini
Dative Singular Plural
1st singular terzime terzilerime
2nd singular terzine terzilerine
3rd singular terzisine terzilerine
1st plural terzimize terzilerimize
2nd plural terzinize terzilerinize
3rd plural terzilerine terzilerine
Locative Singular Plural
1st singular terzimde terzilerimde
2nd singular terzinde terzilerinde
3rd singular terzisinde terzilerinde
1st plural terzimizde terzilerimizde
2nd plural terzinizde terzilerinizde
3rd plural terzilerinde terzilerinde
Ablative Singular Plural
1st singular terzimden terzilerimden
2nd singular terzinden terzilerinden
3rd singular terzisinden terzilerinden
1st plural terzimizden terzilerimizden
2nd plural terzinizden terzilerinizden
3rd plural terzilerinden terzilerinden
Genitive Singular Plural
1st singular terzimin terzilerimin
2nd singular terzinin terzilerinin
3rd singular terzisinin terzilerinin
1st plural terzimizin terzilerimizin
2nd plural terzinizin terzilerinizin
3rd plural terzilerinin terzilerinin
Predicative forms
Singular Plural
1st singular terziyim terzilerim
2nd singular terzisin terzilersin
3rd singular terzi
1st plural terziyiz terzileriz
2nd plural terzisiniz terzilersiniz
3rd plural terziler terzilerdir