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teugh (comparative more teugh, superlative most teugh)

  1. (Northumbria, Scotland) tough, stubborn

Related terms[edit]


  • 1868, John Christopher Atkinson, A glossary of the Cleveland dialect: explanatory, derivative, and critical[1], A. and C. Black:
    Teugh, adj. (Pr. of the eu much as in Teuflt). Tough.
    "With cordes enewe and ropys Teugh
    The Jues felle my limmes out-droghe
    For that I was not mete enoghe
    Unto the bore"
  • 1897, William Dwight Whitney, Benjamin Eli Smith, The Century dictionary and cyclopedia: a work of universal reference in all departments of knowledge, with a new atlas of the world, Volume 8[2], Century:
    A dialectical (Scottish) form of tough.
    "Unco thick in the soles, as ye may weel mind, forbye being teugh in the upper-leather."