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From Middle English thikly; equivalent to thick +‎ -ly.


  • IPA(key): /ˈθɪkli/
  • (file)


thickly (comparative thicklier or more thickly, superlative thickliest or most thickly)

  1. In a thick manner.
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, chapter IV, in Tess of the d’Urbervilles: A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented [], volume I, London: James R[ipley] Osgood, McIlvaine and Co., [], OCLC 13623666, phase the first (The Maiden), pages 40–41:
      In a large bedroom upstairs, the window of which was thickly curtained with a great woollen shawl lately discarded by the landlady, Mrs Rolliver, were gathered on this evening nearly a dozen persons, all seeking vinous bliss; all old inhabitants of the nearer end of Marlott, and frequenters of this retreat.
    • 1930, Norman Lindsay, Redheap, Sydney: Ure Smith, published 1965, page 148:
      These he held aside, ushering her into a dark sanctuary resinously scented and thickly carpeted with pine needles.
    • 1961 October, Voyageur, “The Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway”, in Trains Illustrated, page 601:
      Through the thickly wooded and precipitous slopes on either side of the line there are one or two short rock tunnels.