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  1. (Britain dialectal, chiefly Scotland, obsolete or nonstandard) Thirty.
    • 1690, Letters and state papers chiefly addressed to George, Earl of Mellville:
      He hath threety-six votes of the greatest barrons of the shyre to ninteen very mean ones, wherof syv have no right to vote; there is not so much as doubt of that matter heir.
    • 1696-1707, Papers relating to the ships and voyages of the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies:
      Kecept Paid to Andrew Marshall Smith in Gorballs for Threety howes and tuo Axes at 12"1 p. pss. p.
    • 1702, Records of Old Aberdeen:
      To James Jaffray for threety young plantin bought at Monimusk at 3/4 per piece.
    • 1705-1742, The Justiciary Records of Argyll and the Isles:
      [...] who made shose of Neill Campbell, servitor to Collin Campbell younger of Glendarule, to be his clark compeared personally Archibald McKellar now in Glenlean of the age of threety years [...]