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tidgy (comparative more tidgy, superlative most tidgy)

  1. (Britain, dialect) Very small; teensy.
    • 1950, Anthony West, The vintage:
      [] all we could scrape up was jobs selling things for tidgy little firms that weren't big enough to be mopped up into any of the nationalisation schemes...
    • 2001, Max Hennessy, The Lion at Sea:
      'It's only a tidgy one,' he said. 'Nobody in Huguenot seems very impressed.'
    • 2001, Eric Malpass, At the Height of the Moon:
      'She says Indian elephants are tidgy little things.' 'They're not then.' Emma was getting heated. 'They're– ' 'Emma!' said Jenny sharply. The child subsided.
    • 2008, Jim Cartwright, Supermarket supermodel
      I was going to let him have one in the tidgy triangle below the throat like Suze taught me, but everything stopped at the sound of Paulie retching.