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tiggy (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, North Island New Zealand) The children′s game tag.
    • 1996, M. J. Carr, Murder: Past Tense,, page 67:
      The teacher tried to encourage him to join in, and would tell Jamie to go and play 'tiggy' with the others.
    • 2006, Fiona Doyle, “Wet Season Time”, in On Country: Stories of Nyrlotte, Univ. of Queensland Press, page 15:
      Everyone raced to catch squid hiding under floating leaves or wood, or tried to catch seahorses as well as playing tiggy in the water.
    • 2009, Kirsty Anderson, TATSLINA - The Gipsy Princess, Valerie Yule, Literacy Innovations, page 35:
      In the day they would walk along, playing tiggy and talking, and in the evening they would swim and surf