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tiggy (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, North Island) The children′s game tag.
    • 1996 M. J. Carr, Murder: Past Tense, p67
      The teacher tried to encourage him to join in, and would tell Jamie to go and play 'tiggy' with the others.
    • 2006 Fiona Doyle, "Wet Season Time," On Country: Stories of Nyrlotte, Univ. of Queensland Press, p15
      Everyone raced to catch squid hiding under floating leaves or wood, or tried to catch seahorses as well as playing tiggy in the water.
    • 2009 Kirsty Anderson, TATSLINA - The Gipsy Princess, Valerie Yule, Literacy Innovations, p35
      In the day they would walk along, playing tiggy and talking, and in the evening they would swim and surf