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Alternative forms[edit]


till +‎ god with an antiquated declension



  1. as a credit, for one's benefit
göra sig tillgodo = tillgodogöra sig
  1. to make use of (for one's own benefit), to make benefit, to acquire (knowledge)
ha tillgodo
  1. to have a credit
hålla tillgodo
  1. to be satisfied with, to settle for
    Han håller tillgodo med hvad som helst, men mest tycker han om animalisk föda
    He [a bird] is satisfied with anything, but he likes animal food best
    håll tillgodo!
    you're welcome! (as a reply to "thank you", or as an invitation to eat)
komma tillgodo
  1. to benefit
    Av dessa väldiga summor har, praktiskt talat, intet kommit vår svenska sjöfart tillgodo.
    Practically speaking, our Swedish shipping business has not benefited from these huge sums.
räkna sig tillgodo = tillgodoräkna sig
  1. to count as one's credit, to claim
se tillgodo = tillgodose
  1. to make sure

Related terms[edit]