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make use (third-person singular simple present makes use, present participle making use, simple past and past participle made use)

  1. (with of) To use, usually productively and/or for a specific purpose.
    • 2003, Mary Beth Rossen, John M. Carroll, 53: Scenario-Based Design, Julie A. Jacko, Andrew Sears (editors), The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications, page 1047,
      When we design interactive systems, we make use. We create possibilities for learning, work, and leisure, for interaction and information.
  2. (archaic) To help oneself.
    • 1613, William Shakespeare, The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eight[1]:
      Good Cromwell, neglect him not; make use now, and provide for thine own future safety.

Usage notes[edit]

Almost always followed by of.