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tizzic (plural tizzics)

  1. Nonstandard form of phthisic.
    • 1860, Thornton Leigh Hunt, The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt, page 172:
      For sette ye case, there colde be made of physick A draughte as long, who wolde not beare his tizzic, Blotches, or blaines, and rot in veray bonés, Sooner than draine swiche potion all at onés ?
    • 1874, John Stevens & Cabot Abbott, David Crockett: His Life and Adventures, page 268:
      About a dozen big stages hung on to one machine. After a good deal of fuss we all got seated and moved slowly off, the engine wheezing as though she had the tizzic.
    • 1977, Bim - Volume 2, page 79:
      Robinson didn't like cats. She hated them. She said they gave you the tizzic.
    • 2007, Sandra Martin, The First Man in My Life: Daughters Write about Their Fathers, →ISBN:
      I had forgotten how much my father hated cats, thinking his irritation at my childhood Persian was simply due to his habitual squeamishness, as the animal had tizzic, a perpetual cough caused by eating ground lizards.