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tock (plural tocks)

  1. (used in conjunction with tick) A clicking sound similar to one made by the hands of a clock.

Derived terms[edit]


tock (third-person singular simple present tocks, present participle tocking, simple past and past participle tocked)

  1. To produce such a sound.
    • Roger Ladd Memmott, Sweet Sally Ann
      The clock chimed the hour and then audibly tocked as the pendulum swung behind the glass pane of the door.
    • 1967, William Gray Purcell, St. Croix Trail Country: Recollections of Wisconsin
      The old clock tocked with a wooden "cluck," and like as not a squirrel would be hopping across the oilcloth table or scrambling along the loose bark of the log wall in search of a stray gingersnap.