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tono- +‎ -topic


tonotopic (not comparable)

  1. Having the quality of being spatially organized by tone or frequency.
  2. Occupying a space dependent on frequency.
  3. Having an orientation dependent on a frequency.


  • 1982 Elberling et al. [1]
    The late, acoustically evoked, averaged magnetic field from the right hemisphere of the human brain is composed of two signals. One is dominant, appears generated by an equivalent current dipole within or near the primary auditory cortex and shows a frequency dependent location and/or orientation (tonotopical organization).
  • 2004 Nowe et al. European Radiology Volume 14, Number 12 [2]
    Our findings suggest that there is a tonotopical structure of the cisternal part of the VIIIth cranial nerve. A correlation between the clinical presentation of tinnitus and hearing loss was found.

Derived terms[edit]