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From Middle French touaille, toaille, from Old French toaille, tevale ‎(towel), from Frankish *þwahila ‎(cloth), from Proto-Germanic *þwahilō ‎(wash-cloth"; literally, "something used for washing), from Proto-Germanic *þwahaną ‎(to wash). Romance cognates include Italian tovaglia, Spanish toalla, Portuguese toalha. Akin to Old High German dwahila ‎(towel) (German dialectal Zwehle), Dutch dwaal ‎(a towel), Old English þwēan ‎(to wash). More at tavaïolle.


touaille f ‎(plural touailles)

  1. (archaic) linen, especially used in making towels or cloths
  2. (archaic) towel
  3. (archaic) tablecloth
  4. a cloth used to adorn an alter in a church
  5. a woman's hairstyle involving a towel wrapped around the head
  6. a linen roll used for drying the hands, hand towel

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