tout ensemble

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French tout ensemble, literally "all together".


tout ensemble

  1. The overall appearance or impression, especially of a work of art.
    • 1790, Jane Austen, ‘Jack and Alice’, Juvenilia:
      The singularity of his appearance, the beams which darted from his eyes, the brightness of his Wit, and the whole tout ensemble of his person had subdued the hearts of so many of the young Ladies [] .
    • 1849, Edgar Allan Poe, "Landor's Cottage":
      On this peninsula stood a dwelling-house. [] [I]ts tout ensemble struck me with the keenest sense of combined novelty and propriety—in a word, of poetry.
    • 1897, Robert Louis Stevenson, chapter 20, in St. Ives:
      'Tis the tout ensemble I must see: the whole as opposed to the details.
    • 1915, E. Phillips Oppenheim, chapter 1, in The Double Traitor:
      A variety of uniforms, worn by the officers at different tables, gave colour and distinction to a tout ensemble with which even Norgate could find no fault.
    • 2008 July 7, Lisanne Renner, "Art & Design: Big Touch-Up for the Blue and the Gray," New York Times (retrieved 15 July 2012):
      The National Park Service and its private partner, the Gettysburg Foundation, have been reconstructing the diorama and other elements of the colossal artwork to bring back the tout ensemble that made veterans cry when the cyclorama opened in 1884.