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  • IPA(key): /tɒˈvɑːɹɪʃt͡ʃ/


tovarishch (plural tovarishches)

  1. Alternative form of tovarish
    • 1963, Jews and the Jewish People[1], page 69:
      The people were surprised that the old Moshka had business with tovarishch Commissar.
    • 1963, Jacob Klein-Haparash, He Who Flees the Lion[2], page 84:
      Yes, a watch, and this tovarishch has given it to me.
    • 1988, Anthony Burgess, Any Old Iron:
      As for Spain, do you really think’ (she was addressing Reg) ‘that there’s a desire on the part of Tovarishch Stalin to save Catalonian anarchism and syndicalism and liberal socialism? I shouldn’t be surprised if Moscow gold is helping to finance Franco.’
    • 2004, Wesley Adamczyk, When God Looked the Other Way[3], page 45:
      “I will remember, tovarishch,” I answered uncertainly, not knowing how I should address him.
    • 2010, Patrik Ouředník, Case Closed[4], page 131:
      There's no other way, tovarishch, no other way!