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Blend of train +‎ maniac.


  • IPA(key): /ˈtɹeɪniˌæk/
  • (file)


trainiac (plural trainiacs)

  1. (informal) A railway enthusiast.
    • 2001, Kathie Weir, A Parent's Guide to Los Angeles: Friendly Advice for Touring Los Angeles with Children, Mars Publishing, Inc. (2001), →ISBN, page 29:
      The Lomita Railroad Museum was once a regular stop on our shopping trips, a little reward for my trainiac.
    • 2006, James B. Twitchell, Where Men Hide, Columbia University Press (2006), →ISBN, page 77:
      There are still trainiacs, for sure — approximately 300,000 hardcore train hobbyists in the United States, who spend about $500 million on their passion.
    • 2011 September 29, Chuck Lorre, Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds, "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation", episode 5-3 of The Big Bang Theory, 00:10:27-00:10:32:
      Sheldon Cooper: It's official. I'm an HO trainiac.
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