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trake (plural trakes)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of trach
    • 2001, John Barnes and Buzz Aldrin, The Return, Tor/Forge, →ISBN, page 41,
      "[…] I'll do a trake on him, right now, because his breathing isn't good and I think there's a crushing injury to the neck. […]"
    • 2004, Christopher Young, Anno Domini Book III Amalgamation, Lulu Press, Inc., →ISBN, page 150,
      "[…] She'll never be able to talk again, and for now she is breathing out of a trake."
    • 2005, Isaiah Baity, Jr., Beyond the Mark of Cain, Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, page 60,
      Over time my uncle continued to slowly get better but my aunt was concerned about the tracheotomy hole (trake) in his throat. […] ¶ […] My aunt anxiously tried to instruct her to put the trake back in the hole in his throat.