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trake (plural trakes)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of trach
    • 2001, John Barnes and Buzz Aldrin, The Return, Tor/Forge, ISBN 081257060X, page 41,
      "[…] I'll do a trake on him, right now, because his breathing isn't good and I think there's a crushing injury to the neck. […]"
    • 2004, Christopher Young, Anno Domini Book III Amalgamation, Lulu Press, Inc., ISBN 1411606639, page 150,
      "[…] She'll never be able to talk again, and for now she is breathing out of a trake."
    • 2005, Isaiah Baity, Jr., Beyond the Mark of Cain, Trafford Publishing, ISBN 1412064627, page 60,
      Over time my uncle continued to slowly get better but my aunt was concerned about the tracheotomy hole (trake) in his throat. […] ¶ […] My aunt anxiously tried to instruct her to put the trake back in the hole in his throat.