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Blend of true +‎ false



tralse (not comparable)

  1. (very rare, neologism) Both true and false.
    • 1991, F.M. Akeroyd, “A practical example of Grue”, in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, volume 42, number 4:
      In the instance of a scientific model or theory being falsified it is proposed to describe the predicate as tralse, ie true before time t and false thereafter.
    • 2012, Kelly Oram, V Is for Virgin[1]:
      I mean what kind of a name for a band is Tralse, anyway? True and false at the same time? I can't believe I used to think that was clever.
    • 2012, Peter Worley, Thoughtings: Puzzles, problems and paradoxes in poetry to think with[2]:
      Is there possibly something else / In the middle of true and false? / Could there be such a thing as / Tralse?
    • 2013, Micheal D. Winterburn, Secrets of the Paradox: Solving the Liar and other logical problems[3]:
      What we should really experience, then, is a fusion of the two, true and false, which we could more accurately record, and refer to, as tralse. The Liar paradox generates tralse, not true and false (which separately are all our minds are capable of handling), and tralse is a permanent state of the two with no oscillations, no variations.