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tricotine (countable and uncountable, plural tricotines)

  1. A double twill fabric of tightly twisted yarns.
    • 1921, Fibre & Fabric:
      The whole strengthening movement goes back to the run on 50s two-ply yarn to go into tricotines.
    • 2006, Marjorie E de Cuba, Tentacles of Time: A Spiritual Odyssey, →ISBN, page 67:
      I was often the one to design original corsages for the campus debs...tiny bouquets to enhance the skirt of an antebellum gown or 5-braided silver or gold cord bracelets and necklaces with sweetheart roses embellished with French tricotine.
    • 2015, Georgina Howell, Queen of the Desert: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell, →ISBN:
      She wrote to Florence for blue tricotine, enough for Marie to run up a dress she could wear to the office, and asked her stepmother to send a cutting of the fabric to her