trip the light fantastic

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trip the light fantastic (third-person singular simple present trips the light fantastic, present participle tripping the light fantastic, simple past and past participle tripped the light fantastic)

  1. To dance or to move rhythmically to musical accompaniment, especially in a graceful or nimble manner.
    • 1978 May 31, "Movies", in the St. Petersburg Independent, page 11-B:
      "Swing Time:" Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers trip the light fantastic in this yarn about a dancer with a yen for gambling.
    • 2005 June 1, Kevin Kittredge, “Royal Ballet”, in Roanoke Times, retrieved 4 October 2008:
      In the fairy tale by the Grimm brothers, they each wear out a pair of dancing shoes nightly, tripping the light fantastic in a magic forest.