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  1. present participle of trump


trumping (plural trumpings)

  1. The act by which something is trumped, topped or capped.
    • 1923, William Henry Koebel, All Aboard: A Frivolous Book (page 102)
      Employ two revokes, two trumpings of your partner's best card and two ignorings of a call — all in the same hand!
    • 2012, Tony Veale, Exploding The Creativity Myth
      To describe an oddball combination like 'Frolf' as a 'marriage of Frisbee and Golf' is to open yourself to trumpings of the form 'yeah, a shotgun marriage', 'a broken marriage', or depending on your politics, a 'gay marriage'.
  2. (poetic, archaic) The sound of a trumpet.
    • Frank Moore
      We list to the trumpings that herald the storm,
      To the roll of the drum, and the order to form!