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From Old Swedish þrykkia, from Old Norse þrykkja, from Proto-Germanic *þrukkijaną.


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trycka (present trycker, preterite tryckte, supine tryckt, imperative tryck)

  1. to print; to copy something on a surface
  2. to apply pressure
  3. to push, to press
    För att stänga av programmet, tryck på Alt+F4
    To shut down the program, press Alt+F4
    Du kan inte dra för att öppna den dörren, du måste trycka
    You can't pull to open that door, you have to push.
  4. to be a mental burden
  5. (slang) to fuck
    Jag tryckte henne
    I fucked her

Usage notes[edit]

In the spoken language the past tense forms tröck(s) are also used regionally.


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